As major television networks have been announcing their schedules for next year, images and trailers have been released for several upcoming shows. Having been a major fan of “Lost”, I’m looking forward to the newest show from producer JJ Abrams entitled “Revolution”. While his track record has been hit-or-miss these last few years, I’m always willing to give his shows a shot. This trailer is very promising, but it will be up to NBC to properly advertise the show so viewers stay interested. Ten O’Clock on NBC has never been a great slot, but “Revolution” will be following the hugely popular “The Voice”, so ratings should be initially pretty good.

The show is about a global blackout that destroys everything from light bulbs to batteries. The world has been taken over by militia, who appear to play by their own set of rules. When a young woman’s father is killed, she sets off on a journey to find her lost uncle. There appears to be a decent amount of action, which probably has something to do with Jon Favreau directing the pilot episode. Hopefully it will also contain good writing and character development. “Revolution” is created by Eric Kripke and is set to premiere this Fall on NBC.