I have been following the marketing of Prometheus with great interest and I believe that their viral marketing is fantastic. While the actual trailer is fairly forgettable, the viral videos that they have released have been engaging and have made the movie one of my most anticipated of the summer. Today another viral video of the film was released, this one starring Noomi Rapace.

Rapace plays a character named Elizabeth Shaw who is asking for help with exploration from Peter Weyland. Weyland is played by Guy Pearce who appeared in another viral video released for Prometheus. Rapace’s performance appears to be quite good, impressive because she is actually from Sweden. It is also worth noting that Shaw is wearing a cross around her neck. This leads me to believe that the film will contain religious themes, which is interesting because it has been hinted that the film will explore the origins of mankind. Check out the video along with a Q & A that writer Damon Lindeloff did on his twitter:

Q: #Prometheus more of an action film like Aliens or does it have more of the horror aspect in it?
A: Hopefully, it’s part action, part horror, part thriller, part mystery and there’s like, some kissing and stuff, too.

Q: What is your favorite line from the movie? #Prometheus
A: I refuse to give it away. But it’s something Janek (Idris Elba) says to Vickers (Charlize Theron).

Q: Hi Damon! Was #prometheus written to allow for possible sequels? Do you like the idea of Prometheus becoming a franchise?
A: If you like it and want more, there is TOTALLY a design for this story to continue in cool and unexpected ways.

Q: Is there more then 1 android aboard #Prometheus ?
A: Well isn’t that a clever question? In fact, some of the crew are asking it, too.

Q: Was Quiet Eye an intentional homage to Lost’s Dharma Initative videos? #Prometheus
A: If by “intentional homage” you mean “total ripoff because I rarely have original ideas” then YES!!!