Several new trailers were released this week including the horror flick The Possession, Bill Murray’s newest film Hyde Park on Hudson, and the four minute super preview of The Amazing Spiderman! Check out all of this week’s trailers below:

The Amazing Spiderman

The four minute super preview for The Amazing Spiderman aired this week during America’s Got Talent, so I think that this trailer did a better job than any others of advertising the movie. The first minute or so shows a single action scene from the film, while the rest of the video is a basic trailer. I can already tell that Andrew Garfield is a better Spiderman than Tobey Maguire, but the quality of the film is still up in the air.

The Possession

There have been far too many exorcism films, the most recent being the horrible found-footage film, The Devil Inside. So, I should be rolling my eyes at the trailer for The Possession, but I actually think that this film looks promising. The film centers on a young girl who opens an ancient box, which causes her to be possessed by an ancient Jewish demon. Thankfully, the film is not found-footage and Jeffery Dean Morgan’s performance appears to be very strong. Produced by Sam Raimi, this trailer contains enough creepy imagery to have me interested.

Hyde Park on Hudson

Bill Murray should have won an Oscar for his performance in Lost In Translation, but hopefully this film will give him another chance. Murray plays President Franklin D. Roosevelt who must play host to the King of England. The actual trailer seems to be a bit of a mess, jumping from scene to scene with very little explanation of what the film will be about. Murray, on the other hand, appears to be giving a great performance, which could very well get him an Oscar nomination this year.

Hit and Run

Starring and directed by Dax Shepard, this film actually looks like an entertaining screwball comedy. Tom Arnold is very funny in this trailer and the rest of the supporting cast looks just as good. Though, the hashtag that covers the whole trailer, causes me to question the overall quality of the movie.

The Do-Deca Pentathlon

The newest film from the Duplass Brothers, this trailer still appears to hold their indie spirit. This also appears to be one of their broadest comedies. If you are a fan of their other films, I’m sure that you will enjoy this one as well.

A Cat In Paris

Nominated for the Academy Award for best animated film, this film from France looks gorgeous. The film appears to be fairly dark for an animated film, though I have very little idea of what the movie is about. A unique visual style makes this film look very interesting.

Bait 3D

This is the most ridiculous premise for a movie I’ve ever heard of. It looks awful. I can’t wait to see it.

The Good Doctor

Starring Orlando Bloom, this film appears to be equal parts romance, thriller, and melo-drama.

Won’t Back Down

Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis star as two mothers attempting to fix the public school system. Education is important. This movie, most likely, isn’t.

The Words

Bradley Cooper stars as a writer who finds an old novel and decides to publish it as his own. I’m not sure what else happens in the film, but the supporting cast is excellent.

Madea’s Witness Protection

Another Madea film from Tyler Perry. Take this as you will.