This past week saw the release of several trailers, two of which are among the most anticipated of the year. The new James Bond film Shyfall released its first teaser trailer and the first trailer was released for the newest adaptation of The Great Gatsby. Check out all of this weeks trailers below:


The general consensus is that Quantum of Solace was a step down from the fantastic Casino Royale. While Casino Royale is one of  my favorite Bond films, I still enjoyed Quantum of Solace. Ever since that film, I have been eagerly anticipating Daniel Craig’s return as Bond. The teaser trailer for his newest film features stunning cinematography and the locales featured in the film seem to be very unique to the series. This also appears to be much darker than most Bond films, which would be a return to the Casino Royale style. While we know very little about the story, the action appears to be very engrossing. I was looking forward to this film, but after having seen this trailer, my anticipation has skyrocketed.

The Great Gatsby

Most of us are familiar with F. Scott Fitzgerald’s story, with many people considering the novel to be an American classic. This newest adaptation stars Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role, Tobey MaGuire as Nick and Carey Mulligan as Daisy. The trailer begins by playing Jay Z and Kanye West’s “No Church in the Wild”, while we look at dazzling visual imagery of Gatsby’s parties. The rest of the trailer is equally engrossing, making a fairly dull story seem like an exciting movie. Whether director Baz Luhrmann is able to make the actual movie exciting remains to be seen, but this is a fantastic trailer. DiCaprio and Mulligan appear to be perfectly cast as Gatsby and Daisy.

The Master

The teaser trailer for The Master reveals practically nothing about the movie. The reason that the film is worth talking about is because it Joaquin Phoenix’s first acting role since the film I’m Still Here, in which he publicly humiliated himself for the sake of the film. This is also from director Paul Thomas Anderson, who hasn’t made a film since 2007’s There Will Be Blood.

The Apparition

These days, it is rare to find a horror movie with a unique premise. The Apparition appears to have an interesting premise and the story could actually be fairly intriguing. However, the acting and the dialogue appear to be absolutely awful. It also looks like the film is partly found-footage, a storytelling device that is beginning to grow tiresome. Ultimately, this horror film appears to be more goofy than scary.

Other trailers released this week include Finding Nemo 3D, Whole Lotta Sole, Holy Motors, and Union Square.

Finding Nemo 3D

Whole Lotta Sole

Holy Motors

Union Square