A fairly slow week for trailers, but a new trailer was released for the highly anticipated The Bourne Legacy and we got our first look at the newest adaptation of Les Miserables. Check out all of this weeks trailers below:

Les Miserables 

Believe it or not, I am actually unfamiliar with Les Miserables. I have never seen it performed live, nor have I seen any of the earlier adaptations of it. I will say that this trailer has Oscar bait written all over, especially considering the fact that Tom Hooper is directing. The cinematography appears to be beautiful and Anne Hathaway’s performance appears to be award worthy. Still, a story this epic could be very easy to mess up. This appears to be Hooper’s most ambitious project, so I would not be surprised if the film ended up being a disappointment. Don’t get me wrong, the trailer is fantastic, but a fantastic trailer can translate into a poor movie.



The Bourne Legacy

I have not seen all of the Bourne movies, but the ones that I have seen feature engaging realistic action with a mediocre story. This entry in the saga appears to do the same. Without actually being in the movie, Jason Bourne is mentioned a handful of times in this trailer, making it feel slightly awkward. While the movie may actually be decent, this film appears to be more of a cash-grab than an actual entry in the saga.



Red Lights 

I’m a huge fan of Cillian Murphy, so I eagerly await any project that he is in. This film appears to be an engaging thriller with an all-star cast featuring Murphy, Sigourney Weaver, Elizabeth Olsen and Robert De Niro. While De Niro feels like he may have been miscast, the rest of this film feels great. The trailer appears to have a good deal of tension, which is no surprise, seeing as the film was directed by Rodrigo Cortes, the director of Buried.



Premium Rush

While watching this trailer, I was fairly engaged for about a minute. Once the trailer reached it’s halfway point, it began to feel repetitive and boring. While the film looks to be fast paced, the story appears like it is nothing we haven’t seen before. Hopefully Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s charm will be able to carry the film.




This film may not be anticipated by anyone, but it appears to be a truly original film with a unique story. It reminds me of something David Cronenberg would have made several decades ago. The second half of the trailer begins to get confusing, but I will most likely be checking this one out.



Other trailers released this week include Maniac, Wallnder and The Invisible War.








The Invisible War