The sequel to Captain America will not be released for several more years, but today Marvel confirmed who will be directing the film. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Anthony and Joe Russo are in talks to direct Captain America 2. The duo is best known for directing episodes of Arrested Development and Community, but they also directed the comedy You, Me and Dupree starring Owen Wilson. There were rumors that George Nolfi (The Adjustment Bureau) would be directing the sequel, but apparently the Russo Brothers won the job.

While I love their work on television comedies, I think that Marvel may be making a big mistake by hiring this duo. Just because they are skilled at directing half hour comedies, doesn’t mean they can direct one of the most anticipated films of the coming years. Marvel’s decision could have something to do with the fact that they want to add a lot of laughs into the film. Most people praised The Avengers for its sense of humor, so this could have influenced their decision to hire two comedy directors. If the brothers manage to make a quality film, this could be their big break. Otherwise, they may be stuck directing television comedies for a long time.