I’m a big fan of the Scream films, with the original being one of my all-time favorite movies. So, I was surprised to hear that MTV is currently developing a TV show based on the franchise. It is being developed by Tony DiSanto and Liz Gateley, both of whom worked on The Hills and the recently popular Teen Wolf. As of now, they are searching for someone to write the pilot. Kevin Williamson, writer of the Scream films, has not stated whether or not he will be involved with the project.


I actually think that these films would translate well into a TV show. Each season would probably be a yearlong whodunit, with a new person becoming the killer each season. While it would probably get repetitive after the first year, I could see a thirteen episode season being pretty intriguing. The only problem with this idea is that it is being developed by MTV, who are not known for quality programs. I guess there is always a first time for everything and if Kevin Williamson jumped on board as a writer, the project would become much more promising.