There is sure to be a new movie at the top of the box office this weekend, but whether it is Prometheus or Madagascar 3, no one can say for sure. Prometheus is one of the summers most anticipated films and it is opening at 3,394 theaters. Because of this, it has a good chance of making the most money this weekend, but it could suffer due to it’s R rating. Opening a movie with an R rating limits the number of people who can see it and only 11 R rated films have opened above $50 million. Madagascar 3, on the other hand, has a decent chance this weekend because it is the first family film to open this summer. The previous Madagascar films all performed well, so it will be interesting to see if this franchise will be able to overtake the highly anticipated Prometheus at the box office.

Opening this weekend in limited release is the time travel dramedy Safety Not Guaranteed. The film stars Aubrey Plaza and Mark Duplass and has been getting rave reviews. Also opening in limited release is Todd Solondz’s Dark Horse, Peace, Love and Misunderstanding and David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis gets a limited release in Canada.

  • Prometheus
  • Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted
  • Safety Not Guaranteed (Limited)
  • Peace, Love and Misunderstanding (Limited)
  • Dark Horse (Limited)
  • Cosmopolis (Limited)
  • Bel Ami (Limited)
  • Lola Versus (Limited)
  • Paul Williams Still Alive (Limited)