There are two new major releases this weekend, although neither of them are likely to defeat the reigning box office champion, Madagascar 3. Rock of Ages opens this weekend and it will most likely attract a decent crowd thanks to its fun 80’s vibe. The film’s all-star cast is also likely to draw in moviegoers, thanks to stars Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin and Catherine-Zeta Jones. Also opening this weekend is the R-rated Adam Sandler comedy That’s My Boy. Starring in an R-rated film is rare for Sandler, so it is unlikely to do as well as most of his PG-13 movies. Opening the movie over Father’s Day weekend was a clever marketing scheme, but the film will likely only gross around $20 million for the weekend.

  • Rock of Ages
  • That’s My Boy
  • The Woman in the Fifth (Limited)
  • Your Sister’s Sister (Limited)
  • Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap (Limited)