Not only did we have a very slow week regarding movie news, we also had a very slow week regarding movie trailers. When the most anticipated trailer of the week is a Resident Evil film, it’s clear that something isn’t right. Check out all of this week’s trailers below.


Resident Evil: Retribution

As much as I love the video games, I have not seen a single Resident Evil film. I have heard mostly negative things about them, but I should probably see them to form my own opinions. I actually enjoyed the first thirty seconds of this trailer. It reminded me of the opening scene of 2004’s Dawn of the Dead. After this intriguing opening, the trailer becomes convoluted and quite bland.



Pitch Perfect

Ever since 2009’s Up in the Air, I have been a huge fan of Anna Kendrick. She has always managed to shine in whatever movie she is in and I’m sure that Pitch Perfect will be no exception. Unfortunately, the rest of the film looks absolutely awful. None of the jokes were funny and the overall premise seems like a carbon copy of Glee. I may see this just because Anna Kendrick is in it, but I doubt that I will enjoy the rest of the film.




Surprisingly, this was my favorite trailer of the week. The film appears to be a fairly generic ghost story, but with an investigative twist. I really like Ethan Hawke, although his performance in this appears to be subpar. Even if the story is trash, this film can be saved as long as it is scary and, luckily, this trailer is kind of spooky. I love horror films with frightening visual imagery and this film appears to fall in that category.



Other trailers released this week include For a Good Time, Call…, The Queen of Versailles, How to Survive a Plague, Farewell, My Queen, Americano and War of the Buttons. Trust me; none of them are really worth talking about.


For a Good Time, Call…



The Queen of Versailles



How to Survive a Plague



Farewell, My Queen






War of the Buttons