Last weekend saw the first lull in the summer movie season, but this weekend is sure to see a spike in the box office. Despite three new nationwide releases, Pixar’s Brave is almost guaranteed to claim the first place spot. Pixar’s last twelve films have debuted at number one, so Brave will likely be no different. It is opening at 4,164 theaters, which is the largest ever opening for a Pixar film. Last year, Cars 2 opened to $66.1 million and Brave is likely to gross about the same amount of money.


Also opening this weekend is the historically inaccurate Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. It’s R rating will certainly hurt its box office chances, but the recently R rated Prometheus has proved that an R rated film can still produce a hit. Still, the film’s odd premise will definitely turn off a lot moviegoers, but the recent marketing push has done a good job at highlighting some of the film’s unique action scenes.


The only other nationwide release this weekend is Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. The Steve Carell disaster comedy, is targeting a much smaller audience, opening at 1,618 locations. Strong word of mouth could really help this film, but mediocre reviews suggest that this probably will not happen.


Opening at only five locations, three in New York and two in Los Angeles, is To Rome with Love. Woody Allen’s followup to the hugely successful Midnight in Paris, this film will most likely suffer due to middling reviews. Sony Pictures Classic is hoping to have a nationwide release on July 6.

  • Brave
  • Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
  • Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
  • To Rome With Love (Limited)
  • The Invisible War (Limited)
  • Grassroots (Limited)
  • Kumare (Limited)