In a busy week for trailers, we saw the teaser trailer for a Monsters Inc. prequel, we got to see Liam Neeson kick more butt in the Taken 2 trailer, and we got our first look at the found footage film V/H/S. Check out all of this weeks trailers below.


Monsters University

Monsters Inc. is one of Pixar’s best films, so it comes as no surprise that they would be interested in adding another film to that series. What is surprising is that they chose to make the film a prequel instead of a sequel. I guess it does make sense, because at the end of the first film, the monsters stopped scaring people and began to try making kids laugh instead. I think that a movie where the monsters make the kids laugh would be a total disaster, so it is good to see that this film will still have them scaring children. This teaser trailer actually made me laugh (a rarity for a trailer), but I seriously doubt that the prequel will live up to the standards set by Monsters Inc. Still, I am looking forward to this film just because I am a fan of the original.



Taken 2

Like most people, I really enjoyed the film Taken. I thought that a sequel to the film would be hard to pull off, but this trailer is quite promising. My doubts rested in the fact that a person’s family members can only be kidnapped so many times, but this trailer makes a second kidnapping seem believable. The sequel brings back the writers of the original, but it will have a different director at the helm. Regardless of this, I am really looking forward to Taken 2.




The thing with a horror anthology is that as long as one or two of the stories are good, it makes the whole movie worthwhile. V/H/S is a found footage horror anthology, featuring five tales all made by a different director. I was intrigued by the premise and this trailer has only made me more excited for the actual film. There are a few scares in the trailer that feel cheap (the shutting door has been used in far too many horror films lately), but there also appear to be some very unique scares, such as when the door begins to contort into a different shape. I am really interested in seeing what each of these stories will be.



Celeste and Jesse Forever

Andy Samberg has never been my favorite comedian, but this film looks like it could turn his career around. Rashida Jones looks fantastic as Celeste and these two actors appear to do a great job at playing best friends. Despite the trailer being only a few minutes long, I had already begun to care for these characters. As long as this film can avoid the usual clichés of a romantic comedy, it has the potential to be a winner.



Other trailers released this week include the final trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, a new teaser for Joaquin Phoenix’s The Master, Dredd, The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2, 2 Days in New York and Searching for Sugar Man.


The Dark Knight Rises



The Master






The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2



2 Days in New York



Searching for Sugar Man