With its catchy and enjoyable original songs and its tale of beautiful princes and princesses, Disney’s Frozen effectively mixes classic Disney sensibilities with the current wave of computer animation. There are certain aspects that will feel familiar to some viewers but, in a way, this only adds to the film’s old school Disney charm. Add in a cast of endearing characters and some of the most sumptuous looking digital animation ever put to the screen and you’ve got a bona fide Disney classic on your hands.

Frozen is the tale of two sisters who are born into royalty in the Kingdom of Arendelle. Anna (Kristen Bell) is the younger of the two and normal in practically every way, while her older sister Elsa (Idina Menzel) was born with the ability to control and create ice and snow. Fearing that this power will be a danger to others, Elsa locks herself away in her room, not even exiting after the untimely death of her parents. She stays locked up until her coronation day, on which she will finally be crowned queen. But she is unable to keep her powers a secret during the ceremony and she inadvertently turns all of Arendelle into a frozen wasteland. After Elsa banishes herself to the mountains, Anna realizes that she must find her sister, in order to restore Arendelle to its former beauty.

There are plenty of supporting characters as well and they include the ravishing Prince Hans, the rugged but lovable Kristoff and the upbeat and cheerful snowman Olaf. Olaf is sure to get big laughs among young children, but he will also score many guffaws from adults as well. This is a film that is just as enjoyable for adults as it is for kids and much of this is due to the humor and emotional bonds that stem from the characters. Every character is instantly likeable and a late revelation about a certain character takes what feels like a standard third act and turns it on its head.

But what really elevates Frozen into a memorable Disney achievement is the fantastic music. The original score by Christophe Beck is great and ranks among the year’s best, but it is the original songs by Kristin Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez that are truly memorable. It has been years since a film has had a series of songs this good. From Olaf’s hilarious “In Summer”, to the incredibly catchy “Fixer Upper” to the emotional “Do you want to Build a Snowman” and “Let it Go”, every song hits like a classic Disney tune. Picking a favorite from such a great lineup will be near impossible.

There are some clichéd plot points, such as the need to find “True Love’s Kiss”, but the film almost feels comforting in this familiarity. The voice acting is great, particularly from Josh Gad as Olaf, and the animation is so superb and crisp that you can make out individual details, such as the freckles on Anna’s face. This is the best animated film of the year and it deserves to become a hit this Holiday Season. It’s pure Disney magic.

Frozen receives 3.5/4